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Seattle Seahawks Hitch Cover | Free Ship | US Made

Seattle Seahawks Hitch Cover | Free Ship | US Made

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Seattle Seahawks Hitch Cover - Perfect holiday gift for Seahawks fans!

This popular and hard to find hitch cover is a super cool and stylish addition to your vehicle!

Beautifully crafted with a unique textured surface. 

People will know you are a disney fan!

- Rugged and durable all plastic design. 

- Will not rust

- Not painted, solid plastic colors,

- Cannot scratch or peel


Buy with confidence, excellent ratings and reviews on all selling platforms!

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Q: Is the product metal or plastic?

A: Rugged plastic design, will not rust, durable and lightweight. Not Painted, Solid Plastic Colors

Q: Is this made in America?

A: Yes! Made in America!

Q: Can you lock this in place to prevent theft?

A: Yes, any locking hitch pin works great as this is designed like a standard receiver.

Q: Should I take this off in the carwash?

A: It is a good idea to remove this in the carwash.

Q: Does this fit my truck/car/suv?

A: This cover fits all standard 2" receivers, which is about every receiver out there. We have tested on Ford / Dodge / Chevy and Jeep without issue. 

Note: This is a depiction of the Seahawks logo. It is in no way associated with the Seahawks or the NFL. If you would like official Seahawk items please visit:


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